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Welcome to The GracedLife Leadership Centre

We are a network of principled, change-driven servant leaders pioneering Africa’s development and transformation.

Our mission is to raise leaders, reorient mindset, inspire change and develop a culture of selflessness and integrity among young Africans.

Ready to become a principled change-driven servant leader in Africa?

Our Programs

Leadership Development Training (LDT)

Focuses on unlocking leadership potential by providing aspiring leaders with an understanding of what leadership traits to possess, who to be, and how to think and act.

Leadership Experience Program (LEP)

Focuses on practical leadership and implementation of strategic initiatives. Ideas alone won't win. LEP helps leaders develop the skills that turn visions into reality.

Mentorship Program (MP)

Focuses on nurturing the development of aspiring leaders through the guidance and support of more experienced and knowledgeable leaders (mentors).

Skill Development Program (SDP)

Empowers our leaders with the tools and knowledge to propel their visions forward, spark innovation, and craft transformative solutions.

Impact as at September 2023


SDG focused Leaders







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Leadership Podcast


Let's raise the next generation
African leaders together.