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Are you a young African with dreams of making a difference in your community and beyond? Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey that will shape not only your future but also the destiny of the African continent? Then we have the right programme for you at The GracedLife Leadership Centre (TGLC)!

At the GracedLife Leadership Centre (TGLC), our overarching goal is to raise leaders, reorient mindset, inspire change and develop a culture of selflessness and integrity among young Africans. Our strategy is to identify and recruit talented young Ghanaians and Africans, nurture their mindset and global perspective, foster optimism, creativity, and problem-solving skills, impart leadership knowledge and skills, mentor and coach them, instill moral values, and provide opportunities and support for them to pursue their visions and achieve personal growth.

Each year, TGLC recruits a new cohort of young leaders who are placed through an immersive leadership development training, sector mentorship programme and leadership experience programme to prepare them mentally and physically to take on challenging roles in shaping their future and the African continent at large. Details of the various programmes can be found here.


 To be considered for TGLC’s Cohort of Leaders, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be 30 years or below
  2. Have a minimum of High School certificate
  3. Be interested in leadership and personal leadership development
  4. Appreciate the need for mentors and coaches
  5. Seek a network of like-minded peers
  6. Be willing to unlearn and learn
  7. Be willing to commit time and effort into the activities and programmes of the
  8. Be enthusiastic about solving a problem in the society, the nation or the world at large
    and ready to give back to the community and inspire the next generation

1. Applications for the 2027 Cohort of Leaders will open from May 1 to June 30, 2024. Applicants are required to fill the form below including the following details.

  • First name
  • Last Name
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Date of Birth
  • Location (place eg. Accra)
  • Location (digital address)
  • Highest educational qualification (Bachelor’s, Masters etc.)
  • Occupation (Student, worker etc.)
    • If student: Name of school attending (e.g. University of Ghana)
    • If worker: Name of employer (e.g. Tullow, self-employed)
  • Track to be trained on (For profit track or not-for-profit track): All leaders are trained within an area that falls either in the bracket of “for profit” or “not-for-profit” based on their vision and/or interest.

ii. Applicants are required to attach 3 documents

  • Resume/CV 
  • 2 essays – Applicants are required to submit 2 essays in response to the prompts below. Note that Essay one is required, hence, all applicants must submit a response to essay 1 in addition to any one of the prompts in Essay 2. Applicants are also strongly advised to NOT use chat GPT or artificial intelligence (AI) to write their essays. We would like to genuinely know you as a person and what your thoughts are.
  • Essay 1: Required essay (500-word limit)

As a citizen of Ghana, tell us about a solution bearing idea, vision or venture you want to work on to address a problem you have found in Ghana. How do you see TGLC helping you to achieve this vision?


  • Essay 2: Choose any one of the essay topics below (500-word limit):
  • Essay A: Share your motivations for participating in TGLC’s leadership programme. Articulate your personal drive for leadership, highlighting specific areas where you seek growth and impact. Then, detail how TGLC’s resources, network, and support mechanisms can enhance your leadership development journey. 
  • Essay B: As a young African in Ghana, you have the potential to inspire and empower others. Share a personal story where you successfully mentored, influenced, or demonstrated your leadership abilities. How did you navigate cultural nuances, collaborate with diverse stakeholders, and drive impactful outcomes? 

The review and interview process will take a period of two months (July to August) in a series of two-phased interviews. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted and will proceed to the next stage after each stage. Selected candidates for the programme will be notified by end of August 2024. Training for the 2027 Cohort of leaders will begin early October 2024. 

Selected candidates will be granted a fully funded scholarship that will cover all tuition fees and associated cost. 

Selected candidates will benefit from a wide range of resources available which will be covered under their full scholarship to help them succeed.

  • Leadership development training: Leaders have free access to specially designed leadership modules that focus on developing their leadership qualities. This includes a variety of case study materials on leadership, videos, leadership packets and simulations among many others.
  • Mentorship and coaching: Leaders benefit from free mentorship and coaching services offered by our well-experienced mentors and coaches with vast knowledge and expertise across the different sectors. Mentors and coaches are available to guide our leaders every step of the way to prepare them to become principled change-driven servant leaders in their specific field of interest.
  • Business plan development: Leaders are provided with relevant training to help build their own business plan and strategies to help realize their visions and goals.
  • Leadership Experience: Leaders receive support in implementing their vision. Here, leaders are pushed into the real world to experience the various challenges that come with implementing their ideas, but also, brainstorming ways to overcome the challenges.
  • Access to TGLC library: Leaders have free access to the TGLC library, which is well-stocked with leadership materials including books, articles and magazines.
  • Global branding and marketing: Our media and branding team assist leaders with graphic designs, internet/social media advertisement, marketing and branding which have become necessary tools for global success in today’s world.
  • Shared working space with internet access, executive office, board room, Podcast Studio and conference hall: Leaders have free access to our spacious workspace, executive office, board room and conference hall to hold and run their own meetings, events and other activities. Leaders can hold private meetings, group/business meetings, organize programmes, stage plays among many others.
  • Strong network: Leaders have access to a pool of alumni and fellow leaders with whom they can share ideas, think through problems, benefit from shared experiences and exposure and diversity in perspectives among many others.
  • In addition to the above, leaders can leverage our photo studio and tv production studio to produce videos or online related content as needed.

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