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skill-sharing prograM

Raising the next generation leaders is everyone’s responsibility. The youth are our future. But raising them can not be done by one person or one institution. It will take partnership to raise tomorrow’s African leaders. 

skill-sharing program

To be able to help the youth in Africa, our Skill-sharing program makes it possible for everyone willing to help develop the next generation African leaders to be able to mentor, train, share knowledge and skills, and support aspiring leaders financially in order for them to start and build their vision and grow. 


The youth in Africa aren’t lazy. Our young women selling on the street are the definition of hard work. We just haven’t harnessed the vitality and dynamism of our young people and the dividend that comes with it. 

Our goal as an organization is to educate, train, mentor, and equip many more young people with the right knowledge and skillset to create opportunities for themselves and others. 


According to an estimate by the Consortium of Street Children in Africa, there are currently about 30,000 street children in Accra, Ghana. This number is alarming. We see them everyday on our streets doing everything they can to survive. But through our skill-sharing program we are changing the story. We are helping young people on the street to acquire skills in coding, graphic designing and photo/videography that can help transform their lives and make them leaders. 

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