Bridging the Gender Gap in Tech: Launching Tech Tide Girls at TGLC

The tech industry is evolving, and more women in tech means more innovation and opportunity. To bridge the gender gap in technology, we recently launched Tech Tide Girls, an initiative aimed at promoting access to STEM education and practice among girls in Ghana.

Empowering Girls Through STEM

Tech Tide Girls aims to provide young girls with the resources, mentorship, and training needed to thrive in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). By fostering early interest and confidence in these fields, we are preparing the next generation of female tech leaders and innovators.

Creating a Brighter Future

The launch of Tech Tide Girls is a significant step towards a more inclusive tech industry. By empowering girls with STEM education, we aim to drive innovation and economic growth, while ensuring that women’s contributions are recognized and valued.

Join Us

We invite educators, parents, tech professionals, and community leaders to join us in this pursuit. Together, we can create an environment where girls are encouraged to pursue their interests in STEM, leading to a brighter, more inclusive future in tech.