Physical Address

The GracedLife Place,
2nd Floor Orkman Building,
Ashaley Botwe Total Station,
Little Junction, Accra.

Mailing Address

P.O.Box SR 433

Spintex Road, Accra

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Frequently Asked Questions

The term “Gracedlife” is a mindset and leadership philosophy established on the belief that life and all its blessings are by the grace of God – unmerited and freely given, and must be shared with others through service to make all lives better. 

We believe that this mindset is the key to guarding every heart from the evil of supremacy and prejudice, be it racism, white supremacy, inequality, xenophobia, misogyny, tribalism, and others. 

We believe that it’s God who blesses with life, riches, wisdom and all life’s many blessings. Ours is to share our lives and the blessings of life with others through service and love. The ‘Gracedlife’ mindset is a servant-leader mindset which makes a leader put others first before him/herself.
A person who leads by serving others to make their lives better or an organization/ministry/ society/nation better is a Gracedlife leader.

A Gracedlife leader places the needs and interests of others and their development and welfare first before any other thing.

A Gracedlife leader is first a compassionate and empathetic leader, a person of high moral character, a steward and servant. It begins with a strong desire to serve and make other people’s lives better and society/ organization/ministry/nation better.

A Gracedlife leader is one who is a member of our cohort leaders – one who has a global dream and is ready to learn or be trained to become a godly and global leader – one who is part of our leadership trainings, mentorship programmes and leadership development programmes.
The Gracedlife Leadership programme is open to all persons regardless of their faith, gender, social status or financial status.
To become a Gracedlife leader, please follow our media outlets to be informed when applications are opened. All applications are online. Persons interested must visit and apply.  You will be required to upload your CV and essay on the topic “My Vision”.  Please follow application details on our website, including application deadline in order to join our annual cohort. Successful applicants will be interviewed before they can become Gracedlife leaders.
TGLC is an organization with many committed and diligent working partners – full-time working partners and part-time working partners, and volunteers. 

To join the organization as a working partner (volunteer), please drop your application at our front desk/reception. Full-time and part-time vacancies are mostly advertised on our website.

Yes! The GracedLife Leadership Centre is open for all people who need our space for leadership meetings, training and conferences. Our space is free for only our leaders. Non-Gracedlife leaders will be charged a fee in order to use our space. The same applies to all our services.

To book our boardroom, executive office, shared office, TV or photo studio, or conference hall, please send a mail to Or, walk to our reception desk and pick a form. You will be asked to present an ID card.  Please follow the booking procedures and if the date and time isn’t already booked, your booking will be approved after payment has been made.