Building on the Leadership Development Training and Sector Mentorship Program, the Leadership Experience Program (LEP) focuses on problem solving, putting leadership knowledge into practice, and the implementation of strategic plans.


During this period, aspiring leaders are challenged to take charge of their ideas and be responsible for its continuity and success. We believe that teaching about leadership and its principles are essential for leadership development. However, just like McCall rightly puts it: “the primary source of learning to lead, to the extent that leadership can be learned, is experience. While this has long been understood in principle, organizations/institutions still find it challenging to integrate their training and formal interventions with lived experiences. One famous approach is Jack Welch’s “popcorn stand”, whereby he gave young leaders who displayed high potential profit and loss responsibility early in their careers.

Our coaches, mentors and affiliates support aspiring leaders to experience leadership in their areas of work. The schedule below indicates activities that are carried out throughout the Leadership Experience Program in addition to actively working day-to-day on implementing their ideas and realizing their visions.

then what ?

After this period of Leadership Experience Training and based on their exemplary achievements and exhibition of strong adherence to the ideals of TGLC, the Aspiring Leaders become eligible to be conferred upon the “Affiliate” status. 

After the successful completion of our leadership program, Aspiring leaders remain in the TGLC network. Remember, our vision is to create a “network” of principled, change-driven servant leaders pioneering Africa’s development and transformation.

The TGLC Network is intended to connect like-minded leaders to mutually benefit and support one another through varied means including knowledge sharing, fundraising events, partnerships, social events among many others, in building a better tomorrow. 

Irrespective of where a leader may be in the world, the TGLC Network allows easy access by bridging the “gap” through its platform. Both affiliates and current aspiring leaders under the TGLC Leadership Development program are able to engage with one another in the long term wherever they find themselves in the world. 

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