Prune for potential

The potential of the branches and the vine needs the attention of a gardener. The gardener works in the vineyard trying to bring as much life as possible out of the vines. Often he prunes the vines because he knows there is more life down in the roots. 

Since he is aware that he isn’t getting the full capacity of the vine, he begins to clip some of the branches. Cutting off the old leaves that stop the vine from producing its full potential, the gardener starts to clean up the vine.

In scripture, God is described as our gardener. Like the gardener in the vineyard, the Father comes into your life and starts clipping at the habits that are hanging on and the attitudes that are killing you. 

He trims a little bit here in the little bit there from the bad relationships that are stunting your potential and restricting your growth. Gardner says “You can do better than you are doing.” Clip. “Stop lying.” Clip. “Stop disobeying me”. Clip. 

Carefully and steadily, God cuts off those things that are holding you back, because He knows you are not living up to your possibilities. He knows you’re not measuring up to the source from which you came. The ability of the One to whom you are hooked up is much greater than you are displaying. There is more in your roots.

Are there some old leaves in your life that you have been hanging around for five, ten or fifteen years? Do you need to quit a habit or two so your life more truly reflects the potential of the One who made you? Are you wasting time planning, setting up, committing, and feeling guilty about sin? How many hours in a day are you losing to disobedience and rebellion? Prune your life through discipline and obedience to God, to maximize your performance and free your potential.

From the book: “Understanding Your Potential” by Myles Munroe.

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