Say it Loud, Say it Proud, UBC LIFT 4.0 comes to a joyful close

Last Friday, we said goodbye to the largest cohort to grace the University of British Columbia’s LIFT Ghana Entrepreneurship Program since its inception some 2 years ago. But was it really a goodbye? Not exactly, these business owners will move on to become part of a larger network that will redefine entrepreneurship in Africa armed with some business skills.

Participants were grouped into 6 and given a business case to solve and present in under 3 hours. The whole idea was to test their application of some business modules such strategy map. Business model Canvas, SWOT, Porters 5 forces but to mention a few. The task was simple- present the issues, analyze, and provide recommendations.

Although the case study proved a little tough, it was inspiring to see participants work together and brainstorm. At last a winner was crowned, Group 4 emerged as winners followed by Group 3 in second place and Group 1 in third place.

The awardees received lovely gifts from one of The Gracedlife Leadership Centre (TGLC) partners, Ramafrique, a testament of our support for local businesses. Once again, we want to express immense gratitude to the University of British Sauder Business School, Jeff, Sika, Irene and all the LIFT facilitators. Not leaving out our strategic partners Kilsah Consulting and Innohub.

Shall we be Oliver Twist and ask for more? Definitely! LIFT 5.0 promises to be more educative and insightful and you only need to watch this space for more information. There hasn’t been a better time to develop entrepreneurship on the continent than now. As our population surges, so must our businesses and organizations. And for us at TGLC, we are ready for this revolution.

Do you want to hop on this train? There’s definitely space for more! Reach us via mail on or visit our website-