Our Mentorship Program focuses on nurturing the development of aspiring leaders through the guidance and support of more experienced and knowledgeable leaders (mentors). Through this dynamic exchange, aspiring leaders are not simply nurtured, they are challenged, empowered, and transformed into agents of positive change.

1:1 Mentorship

minimum frequency 

Twice each month


40 mins

The Bible advises not to go to war without wise counsel, so we too do not let our aspiring leaders embark on this journey of self-leadership and leading change without mentorship. By definition, mentorship is a relationship where a more experienced and knowledgeable person (the mentor) nurtures the development of a less experienced and knowledgeable person (the mentee). Because mentorship is a core component of our overall leadership development strategy, we pair our aspiring leaders with mentors starting from their second year in the program till the end.

We solicit, vet, prepare and align with individuals from all around the world who are passionate about our mission and vision and are willing to volunteer their time and efforts. Such individuals are seasoned experts in their fields, have substantial years of experience about life, self-leadership and leading change, and are passionate about mentoring others. Our aspiring leaders self-select to be part of a mentorship agreement at the end of first year, after a robust workshop on the topic, its benefits, best practices and general code of conduct. Aspiring leaders who opt-out of having a mentorship relationship end their program in the first year and those who opt-in are required to adhere to all of its requirements.


Midway through the Leadership Development Training and Mentorship Program, TGLC helps aspiring leaders to start documenting their vision and plans. The table below shows our step-by-step guide to help aspiring leaders through their strategic documentation. 

Completion Of First Year In The Program

At the end of the first year, and after a successful completion of both the Leadership Development Training and Mentorship Program, we recognize the achievement of aspiring leaders of such a great feat. To be successful, leaders need to score at least 300 points based on the key performance parameters below


LDT* Attendance


LDT* Participation


Mentorship Program


Strategic Documentation

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