Our SMP aims at the development of sector-specific knowledge and skills. When candidates apply into the leadership development program, they are required to indicate a specific sector where they believe to have a passion for and would like to impact the world from.

Formal Sector Training

minimum frequency 

Once each month


2 hours

1:1 Mentorship

minimum frequency 

Twice each month


30 mins

During their time in this program, candidates are coached into nurturing/building a vision in their chosen sectors and guided on how to develop these visions into concrete and comprehensive strategic plans that will provide a roadmap for the realization of such visions. The organization has a team of passionate and committed individuals who will mentor successful candidates in the areas of business, education, faith, multimedia, philanthropy, production (creative arts) and real estate development. 


The Sector Mentor Program (SMP) runs concurrently with the Leadership Development Training; thus, it goes on for one year. While the goal of the SMP is to provide sector-specific knowledge/skills and close mentorship, how each Sector President achieves this is often unique to them. However, generally, aspiring leaders have a minimum of 2 hours of formal sector training each month and at least 1 hour of 1:1 mentorship (broken into two 30 minutes sessions) per month.


Midway through the Leadership Development Training and Sector Mentorship Program, TGLC through the sector presidents helps aspiring leaders to start documenting their vision and plans. The table below shows our step-by-step guide to help aspiring leaders through their strategic documentation. 

Completion Of First Year In The Program

At the end of the first year, and after a successful completion of both the Leadership Development Training and Sector Mentorship Program, we recognize the achievement of aspiring leaders of such a great feat. To be successful, leaders need to score at least 300 points based on the key performance parameters below


LDT* Attendance


LDT* Participation


Sector Mentorship Program


Strategic Documentation

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