UBC Sauder Business School partners TGLC to fuel entrepreneurship in Ghana

Hosted at The GracedLife Leadership Centre (TGLC), the goal of The University of British Columbia – UBC Sauder Lift: Ghana is to fuel entrepreneurship, as participants create or improve their own ventures even as TGLC seeks to raise change-driven (business) leaders to pioneer Africa’s development and transformation. The curriculum is foundational in nature and entrepreneurial in spirit. Using the Business Model Canvas as a template, UBC Sauder LIFT focuses on three pillars: financial management, marketing, and strategy.



The program will feature a series of asynchronous videos and assessments for participants to complete on their own time. At the end of each phase, there will be a live session at The GracedLife Leadership Centre, hosted by UBC Sauder Instructors. Participants are required to complete all videos and assessments prior to each in-person meeting. The individual preparation time commitment will be 3-5 hours per week. There will be 50-60 videos to watch during the program each with assessments. There are five in-person sessions and attendance at all is required. The program is based on a high level of interaction, presentations, and feedback.



Ranked #1 in Canada for business and economics by Times Higher Education, UBC Sauder is dedicated to rigorous and relevant teaching, and its programs generate business leaders who drive change and shape industries and organizations around the world. Click here to read more about UBC Sauder. 




The program provides dual benefits to both participants and instructors. Participants are provided with an opportunity to learn diverse perspectives and approaches to solving complex business problems. Instructors on the other hand are able to learn the local culture and how it interlays with business environment and behaviors. Ultimately, both participants and instructors learn from each other. Some major benefits of the programme are listed below:

  • Free tuition in a global business school format
  • Free access to training materials on business and entrepreneurship
  • Opportunity to network with other entrepreneurs and mentors
  • Free mentorship from top business students in Canada’s #1 business school, UBC Sauder School of Business
  • Certification from the accredited program at UBC Sauder School of Business

Join the free 3-month Entrepreneurship course by the GracedLife Leadership Center and the University of British Columbia Sauder Business School.


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For more information, email info@gracedlifeleaders.org