Ready to Make True Impact in Africa?

Kindly note: Volunteering roles are not paid.

Available Roles

Sector President – Creative Art Leaders

  • Imbibes and exemplify the values of TGLC
  • Collaborates with the Partnership Village to organize technical trainings for Creative Art Leaders
  • Responsible for mentoring and coaching all Leaders assigned to them along the principles of “Leadership The GracedLife Way” and other TGLC values.
  • Intentionally builds and develop a healthy, open and ethical relationship with Leaders
  • Has regular 1:1 mentorships/coaching session with each of their assigned Leaders
  • Attends and participates regularly in Executive council meetings
  • Discharges any committee/sub-committee responsibilities assigned to them.
  • Create availability to be a resource to other non-creative arts Leaders
  • Report on progress, achievements and challenges of assigned leaders on a bi-annual basis and/or at the request of the Executive Director.

Qualification For Volunteers

  • Must have a full-time job with another company/organization
  • Must be passionate about TGLC’s mission
  • Must have completed tertiary level education
  • Must have experience in the role interested in or in similar roles
  • Must have good communication and interpersonal skills


KINDLY NOTE: Volunteering roles are not paid.

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