The Gracedlife Leadership Centre (TGLC) is a non-profit Christian organization set up to raise leaders, reorient mindsets, inspire change and develop a culture of selflessness and integrity among young Africans.
Our vision is to create a network of principled, change-driven servant leaders pioneering Africa’s development and transformation.

We are a network of principled, change-driven servant leaders pioneering Africa’s development and transformation.

The term “Gracedlife” is a mindset and leadership philosophy established on the belief that life and all its blessings are by the grace of God – unmerited and freely given, and must be shared with others through service to make all lives better. We believe that this mindset is key to guarding every heart from the evil of supremacy, prejudice and selfishness, be it racism, white supremacy, inequality, xenophobia, misogyny, tribalism, and others. We believe that it’s God who blesses with life, riches, wisdom and all life’s many blessings. Ours is to share our lives and the blessings of life with others through service and love. The ‘Gracedlife’ mindset is a servant- leader mindset which makes a leader put others first before him/herself.

Our focus is on 7 key sectors of the world which lack the right leadership especially in Ghana and Africa - namely, Business, Faith/Religion, Education, Media, Production, Real Estate and Foundation/Philanthropy.

Aspiring leaders are taking through one-year intensive leadership development training and two years sector mentorship and direct coaching, and a lifetime leadership experience programme where they focus on putting into practice what they have learnt and being accountable to our organization.

Our training programmes are integrated with theories, case studies, real-life evidences, practical hands-on experiences and personal reflection tailored to help individuals aspiring to be in leadership, or interested in leadership, or in leadership to upskill and improve their capacity to identify and address societal issues or needs, to be innovative and think possibility, and to develop the right character and discipline required to serve well and to be the change Africa needs.

The organization provides aspiring leaders with a shared workspace, a leadership library, an executive office for private meetings, a board room, a conference hall, a lounge/waiting area, a reception, a TV production studio, a photo studio, fast internet and printing service in order to support them start/build their vision until they can afford their own working space. Our highly-skilled media and branding team are ready to assist aspiring leaders with all branding and internet/social media advertising and marketing which are necessary tools for global success in today’s world. We have an online shop set up to help start-ups and aspiring leaders to sell their goods and services to the global market. Also, we have an online TV channel to host shows, TV programmes, interviews and broadcast activities of our aspiring leaders to a global audience.

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