How to develop a leadership mindset

Mindsets are primarily shaped and developed through knowledge. How a person thinks is simply the result of what the person knows or doesn’t know. Knowledge, whether explicit or tacit, acquired through reading/studies, experiences, or interactions with others, is what forms personal beliefs and values and shapes the person’s mindset. Explicit knowledge and implicit/tacit knowledge are the two levels of knowledge that shape people’s mindset.

Explicit knowledge is the kind of knowledge that is articulated. For example; what is spoken, what is seen, the books we read, the data we compile, the education we receive, etc. Implicit/tacit knowledge, on the other hand, is the kind of knowledge that is unspoken or unarticulated. For example; our assumptions, values or knowledge gained from experiences, intuition, etc. 

Great leadership mindsets are shaped and developed through explicit knowledge like the education we receive from school, the books we read, the videos we watch, the things we listen to, the conferences, seminars, workshops and forums we attend or partake in, the data we compile, and through implicit/tacit knowledge like our intuition and experiences. Leadership mindsets are simply habits of the mind, formed by what we know and the experiences we’ve had.

Let’s look at some key beliefs and mindsets leaders and non-leaders have: